Why is skincare so important?

My name is Jessica and I am the owner of Crave Aesthetics.  I personally have been in love with skincare since my early 20’s, sourcing out products that were clean, and paraben free.  People would tease me and say “look at you with all your potions and lotions”.  They also would tease me saying I looked like Casper the ghost because I protected myself from the sun but I knew if I stuck with it my focus on skincare would pay off in the long run, even when I ran into skincare issues.  I am 42 now and I believe my skin has stayed strong because of how I have taken care of it.  I feel very happy and confident in my skin and want others to feel the same way. 

We were all born with a set of skills unique to us, and I have always felt I came from a family of “helpers”.  We feel joy in finding solutions for others and making others happy.

I have struggled with gut health and fatigue due to stress so I understand how much your health and lifestyle affects your skin as it has affected mine.  Starting at a young age I struggled with eczema on my face which went away for many years and would only pop up every few years.  Fast forward to my late 30’s I was getting eczema on my hands and red dots on my nose and chin so I had to do some research. 

Because of my years of studying our body’s GUT & LIFESTYLE CONNECTION TO OUR SKIN HEALTH I was able to determine the source of my skin issues.  The clean diet and lifestyle changes I had to partake in for many years enabled me see the bigger picture on how much internal and external factors affect the skin. 

Focusing on your health provides your skin and body with the love it deserves:

Not only does this approach help your skin, reducing inflammation reduces your chances of developing autoimmune diseases and other inflammatory induced ailments.

There are so many societal pressures to look good.  It can be overwhelming to know what skincare services to choose or products to buy so that is where we come in. 

We offer a variety of facials, peels and skincare products; as well as, custom skincare treatment plans that suit your skincare needs and budget.  We focus on your skin type, lifestyle, gut health and diet, and how to incorporate happy stress-reducing activities into your life.

Consistency is key when it comes to the health of your skin and body:

Using a daily skin care regimen is super important to maintain youthful skin and to correct skin issues.

Receive professional facial treatments including massage once every 1-2 months to resurface your skin, remove debrit from your pores , promote skin healing and drain out inflammation; revealing tighter, brighter toned skin.

Receive treatments that stimulate your body’s collagen production such as Microneedling.  When a house is built there are reinforcements to keep the foundation strong and intact.  In order to keep our skin tight we need to ignite our body’s repair system which stimulates collagen and keeps our collagen fibers strong.

In the heart of London Ontario we would love to be apart of your skin care journey!