eyelash extensions

whispy romantic looking lashes that are light yet dramatic, and fluffy


Eyelash Extensions have become such a popular service over the last 15 years. When salons first started offering extensions they were expensive but more and more lash artists were certified which drove the price down and made them affordable. Because there was such a serge in new lash artists the quality became mixed and still is.

Over the years we have had to fix alot of work that was done by other technicians and have noticed a trend where lashes are stuck together and there are large glue clumps ( we want to note that there are some amazing artists in London Ontario). This is because lash sets are being rushed to turn profit but we are more focused on quality. Because your lash health is super important we have our own standard at Crave Lash Lounge. Because we focus on each individual our time and pricing reflects this. Our lashes are "boutique style" in terms of quality. We take longer to do each set and our fill price reflects the time taken to make sure each synthetic lash is placed properly on your natural lash. If we were to rush our clients through their lashes would be damaged. Have you ever heard someone say my lashes were wrecked after lash extensions? We spend the time to make sure your lashes are healthy throughout your fills and if you ever decide to take a break from lashes. We focus on no stickies, no glue clumps, proper length and weight as to not damage your lashes.

We use higher quality products and include a lash wash every full set and fill. At your lash extension appointment we have you fill out a health and safety form and we provide you with aftercare instructions. We used to suggest just washing your lashes with a non oil based remover but we have no way to tell what is in all of our clients washes so we offer lash specific wash in order to retain your lash set! If you have any questions please feel free to call or text us @ 519-520-5946. Click below if you would like to book an appointment! We appreciate you taking the time to read how important quality is to us!

eyelash extensions