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I have experienced training differently based on the care of instructors. With some courses I felt let down by the fact the individual I paid my money too did not care to help me succeed and there was not much aftercare from the instructor. On the other hand I have done courses where the instructor went out of their way to help me.

My name is Jessica and I am the owner. I personally provide one on one, hands on training and bookwork. I go through the process with you step by step so you feel confident. No question is considered unnecessary. You can ask me anything as I am a very growth oriented person and truly want to get you to the point where I felt confident in sending people to you if I am booked up and unable to accommodate to some lash lift and tint clients.


  • I can provide the models if needed no worries.
  • Your lash lift kit is separate to the course cost.
  • After your course you will be required to complete 3 successful lash lift and tints.

Criteria for the completion of 3 successful lash lift and tints:

  1. Must take a picture before
  2. Must take a picture with the lashes placed on the shields
    • Lashes must be evenly separated and not have to much glue on them, lashes should not go past 3 ¼ of the shield.
  3. Must take a picture with one of the two lash lift lotions with the lashes on the shields
    • The serum should start at the base of the lash and be placed no higher then 3 quarters up the rod.
  4. Must take an after picture
    • Lashes must be dried, straight, not curled too little, not curled too much.

Once your 3 models are successfully completed I will grant you your certificate.  I am also always here anytime you need me for help afterwards!  If you have any questions feel free to text or call us @ 519-520-5946