enhance your natural lashes


We have been offering Lash Lift & Tint for 4 years.  We absolutely love this look as our focus at Crave is more on the natural beauty side of things.

What is a lash lift?

We evenly place your lashes on a silicone shield with lash lift glue which sits on your eyelid, we apply a lifting serum which makes the hair bonds flexible.  We remove the serum and make sure all lashes are still in place.  We then use a setting serum to seal the hair bonds again.  We then use a black tint and finish by removing the lashes form the shield with a lash moisturizing serum.

Everyone’s lash strength and hair structure varies. We develop your lashes based on lash strength. To keep your lashes safe, I start with a developing time I feel is safe, if we have to add more time we bring you back within the week as part of the price for a touchup.

Majority of the time lashes lift perfectly but some lashes are more stubborn and need the secondary lifting.  Once we have a desired time; whether it’s the first time or you need a touchup, we chart your lash lift developing time so we know what to you use next time.

This is a one or two part process based on your lashes.


The end result…

Your lashes look as if you have used a lash curler and light mascara.  If you want a thicker more volumized look you can add mascara to your lashes.

This is a very low maintenance service.  As long as you wait 24 hours to get your lashes wet or have any steam near them you are good to go.  The only disclaimer; try to avoid oils and oil based removers if you ca. If you swim, goggles will protect your lash lift and tint from the chlorine.

lash lift and tint