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Who does the best lash extensions in London Ontario?

At Crave Lash Lounge we take pride in providing a pretty, yet natural look for our clients.

Our lash sets focus on enhancing your natural beauty. Our lash extensions are dainty, light and whispy. Whether it be Classic or Hybrid Lash Extensions we focus on complimenting the shape of your eyes an face.

We take great pride in the work we provide and have been doing lash extensions for 4 years. Due to our years of experience we have found the best lashes, glue and accessories. We take our time and do not rush anyone through ensuring that there are no glue clumps and no lashes stuck together.

This way we are able to keep your lashes safe and healthy.

We are more of a boutique style company where we focus on quality work. The interactions we have with our clients is extremely important to us. This business is so much more than beauty services, it’s about women commradere, laughter, comfort and connection.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at 519-520-5946 or book online for a set of lashes!

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